DUDLEY North MP Marco Longhi was among Tory MPs who voted against the Government on the Rwanda Bill last night (Tuesday January 16).

MPs voted 529 to 68 to reject Conservative MP Sir Bill Cash’s amendment to the bill, which aimed to ensure UK and international law cannot be used to prevent or delay a person being removed to Rwanda.

Politicians in the Commons also voted 525 to 58 to reject an amendment from Conservative former minister Robert Jenrick that aimed to severely limit individual asylum seekers’ ability to appeal against being put on a flight to Rwanda.

Ahead of the votes in the Commons, Mr Longhi said on Facebook that he would vote against the Government if amendments were not accepted to make it “airtight enough to stop the boats”.

The Conservative MP said: “I have signed the amendments needed to make this bill airtight. The bill is in Parliament again for the next stage.

“I will vote against this bill if the amendments are not accepted.

“Dudley voted for Brexit for many reasons and one of the reasons was to control our borders. I am representing my constituents in Parliament.”

Fellow Dudley borough Conservative MPs Suzanne Webb, Mike Wood and James Morris voted against the amendments.

Voting records show 58 Conservatives voted for the amendment put forward by Tory MP Sir Bill Cash, while 57 voted for the amendment tabled by Conservative former minister Robert Jenrick.

Mr Longhi said afterwards: “The bill going through Parliament is the Prime Minister's plan to stop the boats.

"I have seen bills come through Parliament and fail due to legal challenges from leftwing lawyers in cahoots with Labour.

“The amendments I support are there to strengthen the proposed legislation so that this derailment does not happen again.”