A NEW state-of-the-art robot is helping to transform knee and hip replacement surgeries at Dudley’s hospital trust.

The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust has joined a small number of NHS trusts nationally to use the new advanced robotic arm which is said to offer reduced pain, better mobility and faster recovery times for patients.

The Stryker Mako robot allows for more accurate positioning of the new joint than conventional surgeries. It also helps to increase longevity of the implant, making patients less likely to need further surgery in future.

A pre-operative CT scan of the patient’s hip or knee is taken to create a 3D model of the joint. With help from a Mako product specialist, surgeons use the 3D model to create a detailed implant plan to determine the exact amount of bone excision required.

The robot also gives real-time feedback, enabling surgeons to assess the tension of the joint and fine-tune soft tissue balancing while operating, which is essential for optimal function of the joint.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Sohail Quraishi said: “The aim of surgery is to reduce pain and restore normal function to the joint.

“With the Mako robot, we can greatly improve the alignment of the implant, reducing the possibility of the patient experiencing pain after surgery and restoring the anatomy fully so they can go on to enjoy physical activities after they recover.”