DUDLEY'S Henry's Kitchen takeaway has recently earned a three out of five food hygiene rating.

The Chinese takeaway in Green Park Road was evaluated and given this score on December 14, the Food Standards Agency's website shows.

With this assessment, the proportion of Dudley’s 306 rated takeaways with a score of five is 43 per cent.

The Food Standards Agency, with a rating scale of zero to five, enables consumers to make more informed decisions about their food.

A rating of five means hygiene standards are very good, four means hygiene standards are good, three means hygiene standards are generally satisfactory, two means some improvement is necessary, a rating of one means major improvement is necessary and a rating of zero means urgent improvement is required.

None of Dudley's takeaways currently hold a zero rating, which indicates emergency improvement requisite.

The ratings are open for public scrutiny on the national ratings.food.gov.uk website, as well as Dudley Council’s website.