A MOVE to open a new nightclub has angered residents living on the opposite side of the road.

A proposal by Reuben McCalla would see the new Club Ochio Rios nightclub in Dudley Port, Tipton, replace the former African bar and grill eKhaya.

But the plans for the late-night venue have put the fear into neighbours living just 30 metres away who worry that drunk revellers and loud music until 3am, and potentially 4am, would make their lives a misery.

Several objections have been made to Sandwell Council by concerned neighbours with a hearing set to take place next week over the potential new nightclub.

The objection said residents, who claimed they were finally enjoying a “period of silence” after several years following the closure of eKhaya, said they did not want to see old problems resurrected.

Residents in Anchor Drive said they were regularly kept awake by “very drunk” partiers, fighting and loud noise and proposals to play music until 3am would “only add to the problems.”

“The residents are working people who need their rest and sleep,” the objection continued. “We have been subject to this disorder ever since the building was erected. We have enjoyed a period of silence and calm whilst the building has not been in use and do not want a repeat of previous bad experiences.

“The premises has previously been used as a bar and restaurant. Users of the facility spilled out onto the car park, drunk and disorderly causing fights to break out on a regular occurence. Police presence was required on numerous occasions. Anchor Drive and surrounding areas are residential and should not be subject to drunks who cannot control themselves.

“Vehicles passing by were subject to users of the facility spilling out onto the road causing traffic to swerve around them and almost cause collisions. Vehicles that could not park in the car park were using the pavement. Clearly this is a very dangerous practice as Dudley Port is a red route.”

The original application had asked for permission to open from 11am to 4am with alcohol served until 2.30am and live and recorded music played until 3am.

West Midlands Police, while not making a formal objection, said it still had concerns about the application and recommended cutting the proposed hours in the interests of public safety.

The revised application would see opening hours cut to 3am – but could still open until 4am on Bank Holidays – with alcohol served and music played until 2am.

Another objection by a resident, who called for the plan to be turned down altogether, said: “Nightclubs are usually breeding grounds for violence, including fights and altercations, often fuelled by alcohol and crowded environments. Nightclubs are known to attract illegal drug activities, leading to increased drug-related crimes in and around the premises.”

Sandwell Council also received several objections from residents in Scott Street near Great Bridge – around a mile away from the proposed nightclub.

A decision will be made at a licensing hearing at Sandwell Council House in Oldbury on January 30.