CCTV footage shows the chilling moments after a builder killed his customer with a hammer. 

The footage, released by West Midlands Police, shows Peter Norgrove carrying on his work in blood-stained trousers and packing away his equipment shortly after murdering Sharon Gordon in her home in Bromford Road. 

Norgrove, aged 40, from Sedgley, was sentenced to life at Wolverhampton Crown Court on January 31 after admitting to killing Mrs Gordon in July last year and will serve at least 15 years before being eligible for parole. 

Self-employed Norgrove was a recently qualified bricklayer whose services had been recommended to Mrs Gordon by a friend at the church they both attended. 

Dudley News: Norgrove was captured on camera after murdering Sharon Gordon Norgrove was captured on camera after murdering Sharon Gordon (Image: West Midlands Police)

The 40-year-old agreed to undertake extension work at Mrs Gordon's property two years ago but the work was proving problematic and was taking many months to complete. 

On July 21 2023, having not heard back following attempts to contact her, concerned friends called at Mrs Gordon's home in Bromford Road and found her dead at the foot of the stairs with severe head injuries. 

Following an investigation, Norgrove was arrested with the camera footage taken from Mrs Gordon's home showing him behaving in a manner which suggested he was involved in her death.

Following further enquiries, his movements were traced to a relative's address where blood-stained items were found in a wheelie bin and a lump hammer was found in the shed with traces of Mrs Gordon's blood on it. 

Detective Inspector Damian Forrest said: "Mrs Gordon tragically lost her life following a violent attack by Peter Norgrove, which appears to have stemmed from him losing his temper after a disagreement over the work he was carrying out. 

“Mrs Gordon’s friends and family have been deeply affected by her death, and while Norgrove has now faced the consequences of his appalling actions, our thoughts remain with them as they continue to grieve.”