A DUDLEY venue got a lifeline after doing a last minute deal with police to prevent possible closure. 

Bar One on King Street was the subject of a licensing review hearing at Dudley Council on Tuesday March 5.

The nightclub had been temporarily shut on February 7 after its licence was suspended for review at the request of West Midlands Police for the ‘prevention of crime and disorder’.

The latest hearing had been due to start at 10am but negotiations behind closed doors, between lawyers from both sides and members of the licensing committee, meant proceedings did not get under way until 1.20pm.

Once the public meeting began Jane Sarginson, counsel for the police, said she was happy to discuss the new licence arrangement in open session but added: “If we are going to go back to look at the circumstances the hearing should be in private”.

Ms Sarginson said: “Both parties would like to thank the licensing committee for allowing time to negotiate.

“This means we now have agreed a position between the two parties that the venue will no longer be a nightclub.”

Bar One had previously been licensed to serve alcohol until 3am and 2.30am on Sundays but the new deal means it will operate as a bar and restaurant.

Licensing committee member, Councillor Shaun Keasey, said: “I don’t enjoy sitting in the council chamber for three hours, we have got huge concerns about the way the venue has been run in the past.

“I thought we were going for a different hearing today, the police have been eminently patient with this venue.”

Heath Thomas, representing licensee Cameille Mahlung, told the hearing he believed the time for negotiations had been used ‘incredibly wisely’.

Mr Thomas added: “My client is confident she can comply, this is a fundamentally different place where risks are reduced significantly.”

The venue is set to reopen featuring an eatery called Tropical Cove and will only be permitted to sell alcohol until 11.30pm and 11pm on Sundays.

Cameille Mahlung, who took over Bar One’s licence in 2022, said: “We had a restaurant before – we are happy with the outcome, we are headed in a better direction.”