Furniture repair business Emmiera Group has joined The Furniture Makers' Company as a corporate member.

Founded in 2004, the firm was formerly known as Homeserve Furniture Repairs before re-branding last year.

Headquartered in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, Emmiera Group employs around 250 people and visits over 25,000 customers nationwide every month.

The news comes as the company seeks to increase recognition for its expanded offering - whilst maintaining a core focus on furnishing repair.

James Lane, founder and CEO of the Emmiera Group, said: "As a business, we like to support positive initiatives which benefit society and, with the Furniture Makers’ Company doing so much for the industry, we believe that it is right for us to be involved.

"It is a sector where many people spend their entire careers, we all know one another, and we are keen to do our bit."

Dudley News: Furniture repair business Emmiera Group has joined The Furniture Makers' Company as a corporate

The corporate membership with The Furniture Makers’ Company will enable Emmiera Group to contribute to the charity's initiatives, civic events and network with other members.

Craig Hart, sales director for Emmiera, added: "Having recently re-branded, corporate membership also gives us an opportunity to raise awareness of our new name and ensure that potential customers, whether retailers or hospitality providers, understand the full range of services we offer."

The partnership is expected not only to raise awareness but also align them with a company that shares similar environmental values.

Amanda Waring, master of The Furniture Makers’ Company, said: "The Emmiera Group’s ‘green’ commitments fit well with our own – the success of the business is based on its belief that every piece of furniture has a story worth preserving to save history and the environment, with its skilled technicians turning back the clock on wear and tear and helping to reduce the number of items destined for landfill.

"We are confident that they will make a valuable contribution to the future of the industry."

The Emmiera Group will be formally welcomed as a corporate member in June at Furniture Makers’ Hall, London.

James Lane and Craig Hart will be admitted as corporate liverymen and personally welcomed by the master of The Furniture Makers’ Company.