Police have confiscated a number of bikes and issued warnings in an effort to crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

West Midlands Police said they were “upping their efforts” against those riding off-road bikes in an aggressive and anti-social manner across Dudley. 

In the last week, officers have seized five bikes which were being ridden recklessly on streets and green spaces. 

As well as confiscating the bikes, police have issued warning notices to riders about further action if they’re caught doing the same again. 

Dudley News: Police are cracking down on anti-social behaviour Police are cracking down on anti-social behaviour (Image: West Midlands Police)

Neighbourhood policing officer PC Jess Impey said: “We’ve been working hard to tackle off-road bikes being ridden carelessly around our streets, parks and other spaces as we know this behaviour really upsets and sometimes even scares residents. 

“Thanks to the great efforts of my colleague Sergeant John Norgrove and his neighbourhood team, several bikes have been seized from the Lye area recently.

“We’ll continue to act against any reckless riders we spot while we’re out and about on patrol.”

Police are also spreading the word among the community that anti-social off-road biking will not be tolerated and they’re asking residents to let them know where and when it’s happening. 

On Wednesday last week, officers were out in Stevens Park, Wollescote alongside Dudley Council’s parks officer, putting up posters that make it clear that this activity is strictly prohibited and instructing people on how to report it. 

Their efforts have been supported by the Friends of Stevens Park.

Dudley News: Police are asking residents for help in identifying areas of concern Police are asking residents for help in identifying areas of concern (Image: West Midlands Police)

PC Impey added: “We’re also looking for the public to help us as well by letting us know who is using these bikes and where they’re being kept. 

”The posters we’re putting up should make it easier for people to report anti-social off-road biking to us and we were delighted to help the council’s parks officer to display them.

“If you have any information about bike-related anti-social behaviour in your community, report it online via our website, call 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”