STAFF at Dudley Zoo and Castle have celebrated the arrival of the attraction’s first-ever litter of Arctic fox cubs.

The tiny cubs have emerged from an underground burrow over the past few days, much to the delight of zoo staff and a few visitors lucky enough to get a glimpse of the new arrivals.

Keepers have so far spotted eight cubs, also known as kits, but as Arctic fox litter sizes can vary - more may appear.

Sam Grove, carnivore section leader at the zoo, said: “We’re thrilled to see the cubs out and about exploring the habitat and their arrival is extra special as it’s the first time we’ve bred Arctic foxes here at Dudley Zoo.

“We believe the cubs are now around six-weeks-old and have been tucked away in underground tunnels with mum since birth.

Dudley News: Arctic fox cubs at Dudley Zoo and CastleArctic fox cubs at Dudley Zoo and Castle (Image: Dudley Zoo and Castle)

“Both Grace and Spruce are first time parents, but they’re both doing incredibly well, with dad busy guarding the burrow entrance and taking food to mum.”

Two-year-old Grace arrived at the zoo in November 2022, while Spruce, aged one, joined her in October last year.

Sam added: “Since we re-introduced Arctic foxes to the collection in 2019, they’ve proved to be a really popular species with visitors, who we know will be as excited to see the babies as we are.”

Arctic foxes are a monogamous species and will mate for life.