The founder of a popular fish and chip shop in Dudley has passed away aged 90. 

Eva Trifonos, who launched the multi-award-winning Blue Submarine fish and chip shop, died peacefully at Russells Hall Hospital on Wednesday (June 5) surrounded by her children, grandchildren and friends. 

Her family have since paid tribute to Eva who they described as "eccentric, funny and generous". 

Her eldest son Michael Nile, who had been her sole caregiver for the past eight years, said: "I don't know how I'm going to go on without mum now.

"We have always been close, but I spent every single day of the last eight years with her and in many respects, she became my child during that time."

Blue Submarine Blue Submarine (Image: Handout)

Mr Nile shared that his mother came to England aged 23 from a poor family of eight children and she worked continuously until she was 73 years old. 

This included factory work, cafes and fish and chop shops. He said his mum loved Britain and would proudly display pictures of the royal family in the Blue Submarine. 

He said: "Dad told her she needed to stop because she was turning it into a Silver Jubilee trinket shop.

"'Andy, you need to straighten your eyes and look around you,’ mum replied. ‘Look how lucky we are to be here'. 

During her years at the chippy, which she sold to her middle son Tony, Eva established a reputation as a strong and daring woman who loved her children and husband. 

She was particularly fond of Dudley market and would be there most days of the week when she had a break from the long and gruelling days at the chippy. 

Mr Nile recalls many fond memories of his mum including her reaction to changing his name from Xenofos to Nile. 

Seven years into widowhood, Eva started to have issues with her memory and Mr Nile decided to move in with her. 

The fish and chip shop has won multiple awards The fish and chip shop has won multiple awards (Image: Handout)

He said: "Mum was eccentric, often extremely funny, but also sensitive and generous."

Recalling a memory from earlier this year, Mr Nile added: "She refused to settle down and sleep in her bed, which by this stage was downstairs in the lounge.

"As we settled down for our 'night' of upright sleep, my mother, slipping into a brief moment of blissful forgetfulness, whispered, ‘Mama, I so like being held by you as I go to sleep.’

"I stroked her face and cried a little for the child she once was, vying in vain for her actual mother’s attention among seven siblings, and for the child she had become again, almost as if by heavenly arrangement so that I might compensate her with all the attentiveness and comfort she missed in that overcrowded little house a lifetime ago.

"I’m so grateful for my brave mum, who finally found all the love in the world. She deserved it."

A final farewell for Eva will take place on Monday, July 15, starting with a service at 12pm at the Greek Church on Summer Hill Terrace in Birmingham. 

This will be followed by her funeral at Quinton Cemetery.