I AM trying to locate my half brother who lived in the Dudley area many years ago.

His name is Robert Johnson and he must be in his late fifties of early sixties.

Our father’s name was Eldred Johnson, a US citizen, and his mother was a UK citizen.

Robert, I believe, was born in the US.

Our father was divorced from his mother many years ago.

I found an old photograph of Robert that was taken at a studio when he was about 10 years old.

The name on the picture was Horace Dudley of Dudley.

I am in my early sevenites and his other half sister is in her middle seventies.

His universty was in Cardiff and I believe studied law.

I realise this is an odd request but is there anyone in the area who could guide me? Our father died in Maine, USA.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Marilyn Karasopoulos 30 Litchfield Road Farmingdale Maine 04344 USA