I was wondering if anyone experienced problems after filling their car up with diesel at the Tesco store in Burnt Tree on the weekend of the May 10. I put diesel in my car and within a few miles, it lost all power. I have a receipt that proves I put diesel in my tank.

I took my car to an approved dealer, who found the fuel was contaminated with petrol and I incurred repair costs of more than £200.

Despite sending Tesco the garage report and sample of the fuel, Tesco has refused to acknowledge there was a problem at their end, claiming that no one else reported a problem. Clearly, I cannot access their records hence this letter to see if anyone else had similar problems so that we could tackle the company regarding this issue. If anyone has experienced similar problems around this date, please contact the Dudley News, who will collate the replies.

Darren Nicklin, Dudley