I would like to address an open letter to all our local MPs, including my own, Ian Austin, inquiring as to their opinions on the proposal, rejection and recent appeal on the building of a new mosque in Dudley.

Mr Austin recently campaigned for support to have the Union flag flown from every public building which, in my view, was a noble, traditional and patriotic idea.

But to my knowledge he has never publicly voiced an opinion on one of the most contentious issues raised in Dudley for many years.

What, for instance, is his opinion on a unanimously democratic rejection of the proposal being allowed to go to an “independent appeal” to be judged by someone who has spent a few days in Dudley and has no in-depth knowledge of the people and their traditional values and beliefs?

I have already written to Mr Austin on the above points but as of yet, have not received any reply.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Dudley News for being the only news provider to even discuss, report or print the views of residents on an issue that so deeply concerns them and Councillor Malcolm Davis for his unstinting service in representing the majority view of the people of Dudley.

J Barnes, Dudley