I AM currently researching the Royal Brierley “Studio” range of iridescent, acid-etched decorative glassware that was produced during the 1970s and 1980s.

It came in a range of colours, from black, through blues from deepest to turquoise and including pinks, reds and pearl.

The colours were also called Midnight, Dusk and Dawn.

The names given to the range included Creations and Shadows. The company and shop staff have been very helpful but have only limited information as the archive has been “lost”, probably when the Brierley Hill works was closed.

I would particularly like to confirm the dates of production, get more details of the full range of forms and colours and – most important – contact the craftsmen and women who designed and produced this beautiful glass.

Vivienne Metcalf Dolly Farm House Nappa Scar Askrig Leyburn North Yorkshire DL8 3JX email: vivienne.metcalf@btinternet.com