FOR all the good people of Dudley who are fed up and angry over the death of local democracy, Councillor Malcolm Davis brings a message of hope.

Although the DMA appears to have won the battle, the fight is not over. A further petition to Dudley Council is planned urging it to stick to the terms of the covenant on the Hall Street site.

This stated the mosque must be “substantially built” by the end of this year. The necessary roadworks have also to be completed before work can even begin. This makes it highly unlikely any building work will be started, let alone “substantial work” will be ongoing by December 31.

To all of you who signed the previous petition (or didn’t and wish now that you had), now is your chance to show how the vast majority of Dudley people feel over the rights of 2.45 per cent of the town’s population being upheld over the rights of the rest of us. For copies of the petition, please contact Malcolm Davis.