I WOULD like complain about the Dudley News for the content of published articles on the proposed new mosque.

Over the last few years, I have been reading with interest the articles that have been published on this proposal.

It is clear that over this period, there has been a consistent and coherent theme that can be construed as swaying support towards the anti-mosque campaigners.

It is highlighted in the amount of space given towards these articles as opposed to any unbiased “fact” reporting articles which have been published (if any).

I feel – and I speak on behalf of the majority of my community – that a large number of the articles have been written with a focus on fanning the flames of hatred against the mosque.

Right from the very first multi-page spread a few years ago through to the articles published this week, there is a consistent theme that I feel is (and dare I say) anti-Muslim.

A prime example is the front page of this week’s issue which is solely dedicated to comments from councillors who have opposed and still oppose the proposals, even after the appeal was upheld.

It beggars belief that no mention was made to the positive efforts of the wider community in successfully appealing the previous decision.