JUST a little over 12 months since plans for the Dudley mosque were rejected by the council, it’s back on again.

Despite the fact that 22,000 people who actually live in Dudley said they didn’t want it, the man from Bristol he say “yes”. So much for local democracy.

I think the crux of the matter is why we have said no to the mosque.

Dudley has a long history of iron and steel, coal, limestone works, chain making etc.

Our proud ancestors built the town through its industry and off the backs of manual labour.

Our grandparents – men, women and children – grafted and broke their backs for long, hard days.

Many local poets and songwriters have celebrated the “Back Country culture” and a fine culture it is.

Are we expected to sit back and allow our culture and heritage to be dismantled bit by bit until we end up with something that barely resembles England, let alone a Black Country town?

We, the real Black Country people, are proud of our history and culture. We are not yet a minority organisation and we should be listened to and heard in the corridors of Westminster.

Where is Ian Pearson MP? What has been his contribution to all this? I’ve just had a look at his website and strangely, the mosque issue and Ian Pearson do not feature.

Considering he is supposed to be our elected representative and that 22,000 of his constituents voted against it, I find it very strange indeed that he wasn’t involved in the appeal.

What does he actually do? I have never seen him in the Commons during any debate.

The man does nothing of real value for us apart from the odd photo call for his own ego. I forget, he did have quite a big say in demolishing the Stewpony. Well done Ian, I’m sure you will be remembered fondly!

So do you want Dudley to remain a Black Country town or should we add the crescent moon and stars to our flag?

According to the 2001 census there are about 100,000 Muslims in Dudley, many of them born abroad.

Whether all of them should be here is a separate issue, however they are a minority community.

They already have adequate facilities and places worship. By their own admission, there will not be large numbers of worshippers on site. It begs the question then why is the mosque necessary?

My belief is that its primary purpose is to be a large political and visual statement.

My worry is that it could be the first of many other measures to come. We already spend millions on translation when we were told that immigrants should learn the language and “embrace our culture”.

This kind of “heritage and culture cleansing” would not be allowed anywhere else but in “Broken Britain”.

If we allow this, we are showing that our heritage, culture and our ancestry is worth nothing.

Shame on you Ian Pearson.