Labour supporter To Mr Turner, of Gornal, and his “middle way” (Viewpoint, July 30). In answer to his corrections to my remarks, there is a Khushid Ahmed who is chairman of Dudley North Labour Party and he has been in office in Birmingham before he came to Dudley.

I may have wrongly assumed that this is the same Mr Ahmed of the DMA but on the other hand, if he hasn’t been involved with any other circles before he came to Dudley, why has he been given the CBE.

Secondly, he refers to me and “my UKIP friends”, inferring I support UKIP. I have supported the Labour Party all my working life and beyond.

I felt strongly against the mosque on the principal the site would be far more advantageous to Dudley people as an industrial site, creating employment and generating finance for the borough but Ian Austin was not prepared to take up the issue, saying it should be judged on its merits.

Hence my alliegence to Mr Davis, who was the only local representative prepared to stand up and be counted on the issue.

I would also take issue with Mr Turner on the parking problem on Castle Hill on a Friday afternoon. If this were still a school, there would be a parking problem immensely more disruptive in the afternoons.

There are parking and traffic problems associated with the Merry Hill Centre but it doesn’t necessitate the building of another mall near by.

If wanting our elected council to follow the wishes of 22,000 people of the borough is extremist, then I am guilty as charged.

As for finding a middle way, I think Mr Turner is clutching at straws, (not that it isn’t a good idea) as the DMA could have found an alternative site but they relied on the council to do that for them because they didn’t want an alternative site and aren’t prepared to compromise.