On this, the 60th anniversary year of the NHS, I would like to express some positive views rather than the usual negative ones we are used to reading about.

Soon after the NHS was founded, I was admitted to the Birmingham eye hospital at the tender age of 10 and the staff were wonderful.

Two weeks ago, my wife of many years was admitted to Russell’s Hall Hospital after breaking her shoulder in a fall at home and we found that things are still the same – all staff were just as wonderful as I remember.

Two hospitals, two different eras, the same attention, the same loving care, the same NHS.

In the intervening years, my family have been well looked after and continue to be by all branches of the NHS and long may they continue.

I am sure that if this letter is printed, it will set off a spate of disgruntled replies.

I also hope it will encourage others with a positive view to put pen to paper.

You can only speak as you find and after growing up with the NHS, I find it OK.

A BUCKLER Netherton