Tahir Ahmed claims the reporting in the Dudley News is anti-Muslim (Viewpoint, July 30) and then goes on to say he speaks for his community. What community is this? Isn’t this the problem.

The majority of people in Dudley consider themselves to be from the Dudley community yet Mr Ahmed is clearly from a different community.

Why is there a separate Muslim community?

I’m not aware of a separate Christian community.

So why do you set yourself apart?

There has been a rise in anti-Muslim feelings but this has been self-inflicted.

Muslims appear to have no respect for the indigenous population.

If the council abides by the sale contract, then this land will revert back to the council.

The planning permission will take eight weeks and no work can start until this has been given.

The buildings and infrastructure cannot be substantially completed by December, so this gives them two months.

Schemes of this size cannot be more than 50per cent completed in this time scale.

I think the planning appeal maybe an empty victory.