SOME years ago, the people of Dudley opted for a Labour Government. I think we were all fed up at that time and had hopes for a better future with this new bright, high-flying leader Tony Blair.

We are now disillusioned by a Government that has betrayed our sovereignty in Europe and let every single one of us down.

If Labour is to get one more vote from the people of Dudley, it will be one more than they deserve.

I am not going to list their failures, it would take to long and I don’t have the time but I am going to uncover a bit of the deceit they show towards us in Dudley.

Quite pertinent to our local fight against the mosque, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Hazel Blears has just published a White Paper on – wait for it – “Communities in Control”.

If it were remotely funny, we would all think it was a joke. It is full of tiresome reading but I will extract some points you may find of interest.

If, after reading this, you still vote Labour, you desperately deserve everything they will dish out to you.

Page two states our role in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq and our constructive engagement in Europe has revealed Labour’s capacity for leadership on the world stage.

As far as I am concerned, it just highlights the futility of paying around £40 million pounds each year to support the rest of Europe at a more comfortable level than our own.

While all other European troops are better supplied and protected, our young people are plunged into the very depths of war.

She then criticises “Tory under-investment” in schools, hospitals, roads, public buildings, parks and social services that, while representing some part in truth, reveals the biggest con, excuse the pun, of the lot.

Under this Government, we have lost all the above assets, squandered against the lie. Labour has the audacity to brag of “massive investment” when in reality it has used land and property as collateral to developers and we now rent back at staggering interest from those PFI situations our own facilities.

To suggest we have any of the above left at all is a blatant misinterpretation of the truth. Yes, PFI was a Tory introduction but who would have ever thought that a socialist government would have embraced the further deceit of dismantling what has taken a lifetime to build and dispose of our owned properties from under our very noses.

Yes, she is right to say this has changed a strengthened society, the very dark side of society most of us would avoid like the plague and the protection afforded the criminals against us.

She goes on to say their intention is to devolve power and services to local communities, away from the politicians. I wonder if she has ever heard of Dudley.

Have no doubt this Government, together with our MPs, are all well involved with the negotiation of dubious land deals and the giving of rewards for what can only be described as “fragmentation” of any race relations built up over the years on our own doorstep.

Accepting there will always be a need for mediation and higher rules of authority, it would appear she is happy to devolve most systems of decision making and governance to the people. She’s having a laugh, isn’t she?

We have already been kicked in the teeth locally by this so-called devolving Government and would rather see it as a “dissolving Government”.

And if Hazel Blears wants any proof that their methods of Government work out to anything resembling democracy, she wants to study our stony road toward the mosque and community centre being forced on us by Labour.

These are extracts from the first chapter of her White Paper. There are another six to go but I can’t inflict too much of this tripe all in one go.

Shame on them all for treating us with such condescendence.

May God help us to get a proper Government and save our country’s sovereignty and dignity, together with our sanity!


UK Independence Party