I MUST take up my pen one more time to take issue with one of your correspondents.

This time it is Sarah Mills (Viewpoint, August 8) whose letter is full of glib and frankly rather seedy platitudes of a kind we hear too often.

For the record, those of us who object to the mosque do not do so out of prejudice or intolerance.

Quite simply, we do not wish to see an Islamic state develop in Britain, an outcome that is rendered even more likely as a result of the abject appeasement granted to Muslims by those unable or unwilling to recognise the dangers we face.

Muslims cannot compromise because their religion does not allow it. They must therefore relentlessly change the world around them to suit their own image, however long it takes.

When they control Britain, Christianity will either be banned or driven underground. So much for the tolerance of which you speak, Sarah.

Try a planning application for a Christian church on a dominant site overlooking a Muslim town and see how far you get.

Of course, in an ideal world, Sarah would be entirely right in the sentiments she expresses but in the world we see and touch, that is not how things work.

It is difficult to predict what Britain would be like under Islam since the most likely outcome is that rival factions would continue to slaughter each other and those they choose to call unbelievers, as they now do on a daily basis.

Ironically, one of the few places where Christians could worship openly was Iraq, where there were around a million of them.

In conclusion, I would like to join those who have already challenged our local and national politicians to explain how it is that a development that is opposed by about 90 per cent of the population is still being allowed to proceed further.

If a planning inspector can only allow objections that relate to planning considerations, then who will listen to our fears? Who? This time I demand an answer.

John Morton, Dudley