We are coming to the end of what probably is the largest manual petition ever raised in Dudley against the building of a giant Mosque and associated community centre.

The people of Dudley deserve to knowthe truth aboutwhat is going on in their town with the continuing ownership of more and more land for the purpose of promoting the Islamic faith and they certainly deserve the opportunity to object.

The latest acquisition, the Lighting Centre next to the existing Mosque was purchased as the argument continued about the land “gifted to them” in Hall St.

They paid £330,000 for this relatively small property whilst paying out just £20,000 plus a land swap, for the large plot of well over two acres reserved for local employment, next to Nuttall’s factory in Hall Street.

We have taken signatures in the town centre for three Saturdays now and are due to do the very last this Saturday.This will be the final opportunity for us to take general individual signatures and so ask if there are any completed forms still not returned to Malcolm Davis to be returned on this day please.

In spite of many lies and much corruption the United Kingdom Independence Party have worked tirelessly to keep the democratic process alive.

The latest petition demands that the covenant on the land in Hall Street is actively enforced as it is clearly and irrevocably appertaining to the “freehold” of this site and the building completion by the end of this year.

It does not matter what happens to the planning application or how much Khurshid Ahmed manipulates the Labour Party he has to know that he cannot change laws just to suit himself and a few avid followers.

Please don’t forget to return all the petition sheets NOW please.

COUNCILLOR MALCOLM DAVIS Chairman of the United Kingdom Independence Party Kates Hill Dudley