THIS film should carry a health warning - take tissues to mop up your tears.

The new blockbuster Marley and Me is based on the bestselling autobiography by John Grogan. Having already topped American box offices, this film is set to do the same when it opens across the UK in two weeks.

Starring Hollywood A-listers Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and Alan Arkin, the film thankfully sticks closely to the book as it follows the lives of two young recently married journalists John and Jenny Grogan.

Wilson and Aniston are believable and likable as the Grogan pair, but the real star of the show are the four-legged labrador Marley’s who range from small yellow balls of fluff at the beginning right through to the greying labrador in the final scenes.

The film begins with John and Jenny getting ‘clearance puppy’ Marley after they first get hitched and follows the hilarious incidents which Marley causes throughout his life.

It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish, with laugh-out-loud scenes of Marley’s exploits from crashing through doors, being expelled from obedience school to hilarious scenes showing his escape through the car window while being driven to the vets for ‘the snip’.

There are touching scenes of the strong bond between the dog and his owners after Jenny suffers a miscarriage, the birth of their three children and the way the 100 pound labrador protects their young neighbour Lisa after she gets stabbed in her driveway.

But of course there are the heartbreaking scenes at the end, after 13-year-old Marley is put to sleep on the vets table. Anyone who can get through these final scenes without shedding a tear deserve a medal as Marley closes his eyes for the final time.

However this film is not just full of canine capers, it is also a story of unconditional love as Marley teaches lessons and shapes John and Jenny into animal lovers, parents and adults.

If you loved the book, then you will not be disappointed by the film. However rated as PG it is not so much for the children.

A definite must see for dog lovers, animal lovers and any others when it goes on general release on March 13, but just remember the tissues...

Star rating *****