MERRY Hill shoppers have been sending notes of support to destitute refugees.

Lush Cosmetics turned into a campaign centre by teaming up with Refugee Action to help raise awareness of the 300,000destitute refugees living in Britain.

The campaign, which coincided with national Refugee Week, allowed customers to pop into the shop and write a personal message to a refugee on a 'Welcome to Britain' postcard.

For every postcard written, Lush Cosmetics donated a month’s supply of soap to an asylum seeker who has been rejected by the system but is unable or too terrified to return home, made destitute, and therefore cannot afford items like toiletries.

To mark the occasion, store staff also dressed in Albert Einstein wigs - who was a famous refugee himself.

Andrew Butler, Lush Campaigns Manager said: ”Lush are proud to support Refugee Week and offer a hand of friendship and support to those seeking asylum in the UK.

“Destitution is a serious concern for many failed asylum seekers and it is shameful that so many people end up in such desperate straits.”

He added: “Giving soap to those in need is a small contribution and the very least we can do, but what is really needed is a change in policy that provides proper care and support for those who come to the UK for the duration of their time here.”