A DUDLEY cinema has backed out of showing a controversial Birmingham gangland film.

Showcase Cinema at Castlegate, pulled 1 Day as the ramifications of a censorship row between West Midlands Police and the filmakers Vertigo Films rumble on.

Odeon in Birmingham were the first to announce they were not showing the movie, which was released last Friday, after taking ‘police advice’.

And now Showcase have followed suit, by pulling it from Midland cinemas.

Karen Fox, general manager of Showcase UK Theatres, said: “Showcase has made the decision not to screen the film 1 Day at its cinemas in the West Midlands region.

“However, we are screening the film in our other UK locations.”

Despite claiming they were not trying to censor the film the police have admitted a police officer had contacted cinemas criticising the film.

Assistant Chief Constable Suzette Davenport of West Midlands Police said: "I can categorically state that at no time have we as an organisation advised any cinema not to screen the film.

She added: "One officer who has seen and dealt first hand with the effects of gang violence did express a personal view about the film, with the best of intentions but any concern individual officers have about the film are personal and borne out of a duty to look after the interests of the communities they represent.”

The film revolves around one day in a Birmingham gang member’s chaotic life as he struggles to adapt to street life after being released from prison.

Despite the film being shot and set in Birmingham and featuring local actors the only place in the country where commercial cinemas are not showing it is in the West Midlands.

The film’s director Penny Woolcock, said: “Censoring this film is short sighted, shameful and lets a lot of people down.

“Even if 1 Day did glamorise gun violence, which it certainly does not, I do not think it is the function of the local police to go round saying what films should be shown and which ones shouldn’t.”

She added: “Let people decide for themselves.”