THE German designer of a magical feature at Dudley Zoo has revisited his creation after 16-years.

Artist Laurence O'Toole designed and created the camera obscura, which is housed in a turret of Dudley Castle.

The special camera works by projecting light from a small aperture through a lens on to a black surface in a dark room - creating moving images of what is happening outside.

The turret camera was created in 1993 as part of a creative arts festival and provides visitors with a breathtaking view over Dudley town and beyond.

Laurence O’Toole, who studied at Wolverhampton University, said: “Dudley is famous for its high points and this camera obscura project aimed to capitalise on that.

“I have very happy memories of working here. It was extremely windy when we were constructing it and there were a few hair-raising moments, but it was lots of fun.”

Zoo chief executive, Peter Suddock, said the camera is currently undergoing maintenance work, which is hoped to be completed by next season.

He added: “It was fantastic Laurence was able to make the trip to see his handiwork - and enjoy a great view across the Black Country.”