DUDLEY North MP Ian Austin had a behind-the-scenes look at responses to 999 calls after he joined a medical crew on board an ambulance.

The MP spent time with West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedic Adam Aston and emergency care assistant Andy Atkinson and saw first hand what a normal working day was like for ambulance crews.

The crew responded to a number of 999 calls during the day, including a patient with severe abdominal pains, an overdose attempt and an unconscious patient.

Mr Aston, a paramedic from Henrietta Street Ambulance Station in Birmingham, said: “We really appreciated Ian coming out with us to see what it’s like for ambulance staff working on the frontline.

“I hope the morning gave him a good insight into our role and the emergency service we provide to patients.”

Mr Austin, said: “The hard work and dedication of local ambulance crews is amazing and is the reason that local people get the absolute best level of service available.

“Their job is very hard and involves great personal sacrifice, we should all be very grateful of their efforts.

He added: “It is the hard work of local staff that holds everything together and makes sure that when we are ill, we are treated in a clean, personal and professional way.

“This was a great experience and I am very thankful to Adam and Andy for letting me see first hand the great work they do.”