POLICE have sealed off an area in Dudley Town Centre while an ongoing protest takes place by members of the English Defence League.

Police were called to a disused building in Hall Street just after 11pm last night, following reports of a protest.

Protestors, many with their faces covered began arriving at the scene, chanting EDL songs.

No arrests were made, but one police officer and one local youth were taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries following a disruption.

Approximately four protestors gained access to the roof area of the building and are currently continuing their protest from the roof.

Armed with a banner saying 'No Mosque', the group, which is thought to include EDL leader Tommy Robinson, are also flying the St George's flag and the star of david flag, as they pump out islamic calls of prayer, as well as EDL rally calls over a loud speaker.

Officers, some dressed in riot gear, have cordoned off the area, including Dudley Southern Bypass, as well as as the area between Trindle Road and Dixons Green and are currently negotiating with the protestors and monitoring the situation.

Chief Inspector Matt Markham from West Midlands Police said: “We have always facilitated peaceful protests by members of the EDL and other organisations, but we do not welcome this kind of protest.”

He added: “Our priorities are to minimise any disruption the local community in Dudley and to prevent any further incidents of disorder from occurring.”

“Our message to anyone thinking of turning up with the intention of causing disorder is not to, as we have police resources available and any such activity will be dealt with swiftly and robustly.”