PENSNETT residents had their cars broken into and their personal belongings stolen while they were attending church yesterday.

Two cars were broken into outside St Mark’s Church on Vicarage Lane some time between 10 and 11am.

A further two cars were also targeted around the same time while parked outside Pensnett Community Centre on High Street.

A Honda Civic was later broken into outside a house on Byron Street at 5pm.

In each of the incidents windows were smashed and property taken from inside, ranging from sat nav’s, MP3 players, laptops and wallets.

Dudley South Inspector Gary Malpass, said: “We urge all motorists to think about what they are leaving on show in their vehicles when they park, and remind people to ensure all valuables are removed.

“It may be that you leave your car for only ten minutes, but that is all a thief would need to get in and snatch a sat nav left in a glove box, or a laptop left on the back seat.

“The people who commit this kind of crime are often opportunists and so if the temptation is not there, then that reduces the risk of becoming a victim.”

Anyone who may have been offered such items for sale in the past 24 hours, or who has information to help the police investigation is urged to contact Brierley Hill police station on 0845 113 5000.