A KIND-HEARTED surgeon at Russells Hall Hospital is saving hundreds of lives each day by providing clean drinking water for flood victims in Pakistan after raising thousands of pounds.

In July last year, Pakistan witnessed its worst flooding in history as heavy monsoon rains devastated the country, affected more than 14 million people and left the population facing a severe shortage of clean drinking water.

Dr Viquar Qurashi, a British Pakistani orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital, decided to help provide safe drinking water for the victims through his charity, the Naya Qadam Trust.

Recognising the need for water filtration plants in flood-affected areas, which would help control the spread of water borne-disease, a team of doctors from the trust launched a fund-raising appeal in September as they embarked on a project to select the most suitable filtration plants.

To date, more than £20,000 has been raised, with members of Amblecote Christian Centre, The Green Light Muslim Youth Centre and Queen’s Cross Mosque raising substantial amounts.

Dr Qurashi said: “Within two weeks of the initial fundraising, we had installed the first water filtration plant at the district general hospital in the north of Pakistan.

“We have fitted another six across the country, including rural locations, with another five to go.”

The water plants have the capacity to filter 2,000 litres per hour, providing clean drinking water to 5,000 people.

Dr Qurashi added: “This will have long-term effects as it will provide safe and clean drinking water to the flood victims for years to come, avoiding possible illnesses or even deaths which might have occurred had these plants not been built.”

For details or to donate, email naya_quadam@yahoo.com.