“PRIME Ministers don’t make me cry,” rebel Dudley South MP Chris Kelly told the News this week as reports alleging that David Cameron reduced him to tears over his decision to side against the Government on a key vote on the EU bill.

The Conservative MP was among 27 Euro-sceptic Tories, anxious to preserve Parliament’s sovereignty, who opposed moves to surrender further law-making powers to Brussels without a referendum.

The revolt, led by senior Tory Bill Cash, is said to have outraged Prime Minister David Cameron, who is alleged to have sworn at Mr Kelly and other anti-Euro Tories in a tirade that some newspapers claim left new intake MP Chris in tears.

The Prime Minister is reported to have told Mr Kelly: “You are making a bloody terrible mistake Chris, it will do your career and reputation no good at all. And you can bloody well forget about being a minister.”

Mr Kelly, however, refused to comment on what was said, coolly telling the News afterwards: “Man’s inhumanity to man and genocide is what makes me cry, not Prime Ministers.

“There’s footage of me in the chamber completely dry eyed sat close to Bill Cash MP listening to his – and other members’ contributions – at precisely the time I was supposedly in tears or close to tears.”

The vote on the European Union Bill, on January 11, marked the first time the 32-year-old MP has rebelled on a European issue this Parliament.

Mr Kelly and the 38 other rebels, from all parties, argued the ‘sovereignty clause’– which states EU law only has effect in the UK because of legislation already passed by Parliament – did not go far enough to guard against any attempt by UK courts to undermine the sovereignty of the House of Commons.

Mr Cameron eventually saw off the rebellion by 314 votes to 39. But the Government did offer offer to rewrite the Bill’s explanatory notes to make it clear Parliament’s sovereignty would not be subject to the decisions of judges.

Mr Kelly said he felt his vote was “crucially important” adding: “For me, some issues are more important than Party considerations.

“I will always put my country, my constituency of Dudley South and my residents first.”

Spokesman councillor Patrick Harley added: “The way it’s been reported has distorted Chris’s reaction to the fall-out from voting against the Government. It’s absolutely not true that he was in tears.Even if he was, which he wasn’t, he still would vote for what he thought was right; that just shows the character of the man. Once he’s set on something, you can’t change his mind.”

He said Mr Kelly had received support from Dudley South and beyond, congratulating him on putting “his country first rather than his own personal development”.