A MAJOR investigation has been launched after 200 militant protesters complaining about meat and alcohol being consumed at a Dudley Sikh community centre wrecked the place and attacked the police.

After the dust settled after the major public disorder, two members of the public were in hospital with head injuries as was a policeman who had head injuries, all three are in a stable condition whilst another police officer sustained dental injuries.

Violence erupted at around 12.45pm at a community centre on Swancote Road when 200 militant protesters forced their way into the building.

Chief Inspector Deb Doyle, who led the police response to the disorder, said: "What started as a peaceful protest soon turned to violence when a minority of people started throwing missiles at officers and then forced their way inside the centre.

"Once inside they have vandalised the building and refused to leave until the centre managers agreed to ban the supply of meat and alcohol on the premises.

"I would urge those responsible for the violence to hand themselves in to their local police station immediately or face officers arresting them at home in the very near future."

Roads around the building were closed for five hours to allow emergency services access to the site, while the force helicopter hovered overhead capturing the incident on camera.

Officers from across the force attended the incident to restore order and assist in negotiations between protesters and the centre's management.

A coach was allowed into the area under police escort to remove legitimate centre users to safety.

Protesters ended their occupation of the building at around 6pm when centre managers agreed to ban the supply of meat and alcohol on the premises.

Significant damage was caused to the inside of the community centre which remains cordoned-off this evening while specialist forensic examiners search for evidence.

CCTV footage has been seized and officers will soon begin the process of scouring through the hours of footage to identify those responsible for the violence.

A 28-year-old man arrested on suspicion of violent disorder was later released on police bail bending further enquiries.

Damage was also caused to a car parked outside the centre when the coach evacuating centre users scraped its side.

Anyone with information on those responsible for the disorder and vandalism should call Dudley police on 0345 113 5000. Alternatively, people who do not wish to speak to police officers directly can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.