MOST fathers and sons drive each other around the bend, but these four father and son teams are busy driving passengers around the borough instead.

This weekend’s Father’s Day celebrations will be extra special at the Pensnett National Express depot, as the father and sons have collectively clocked up over 70 years working on West Midlands buses.

Pete and Ricky Hartshorn work on the same rota on the same route and as a result spend much of the day passing one another by.

Dad Pete, said: “He still needs my help. Not long back he broke down so I had pick up all his passengers to make sure that they got to where they were going.

“We have a great time working together – in fact my daughter is looking to join as soon as she passes her test.”

Meanwhile David Pritchard, who has worked on borough buses for 34 years, recommended his son Peter followed in his footsteps.

He said: “It’s great to see you son make his way in a job with great security and real career opportunities. I am really glad it worked out so well.”

Dane and Simon Popelnyckyj have 16 years’ experience between them and work on the same route, but different rotas which means they have to hand the bus over to each other at the end of their shift.

However Dad Dave said working with his son had his advantages as Simon does the early shift to allow him to go out with friends during the evening.

And finally Peter and Andy Pearson also see each other out and about on the borough’s roads, as they also work on the same route and rota and enjoy having a joke with passengers about each other.

Peter, said: “It is good fun to come up and give him a big cuddle and tell him proud I am of him in front of his passengers.

“It raises some eyebrows and embarrasses him a bit.”

Dave Kaye, managing director of National Express West Midlands, said: “We have 18 sets of fathers who work with their children throughout our West Midlands business and I wish them all a happy Fathers’ Day this weekend.”