PLANS for a mosque and community centre on land in Hall Street, Dudley have been rejected by Dudley Council planners.

Members of the Development Control Committee unanimously refused the application for Dudley Muslim Association to build the mosque.

Despite last minute alterations and changes to the design by the applicant, councillors still slammed the multi-million pound proposal, calling it “characterless” “featureless" “inappropriate” and an “alien feature”.

However councillors did agree to extend the time limit for the previous application, which means the DMA have a further three years to submit more plans.

Speaking about the decision following the meeting, DMA spokesman, Mushtaq Hussain, said he was “very disappointed” with the outcome.

He said the DMA would now need to consider whether they would lodge an appeal against the decision, which he believed would be likely.

But he added the architects would also be going back to the drawing board to look at further plans.

Visit the website tomorrow and check out this week’s paper for more from the meeting.