GHOSTBUSTERS are appealing for ghoulish goings-on in Halesowen to investigate.

With Halloween quickly approaching, Parasearch founder David Taylor is urging people to contact him with sightings of apparitions, things that go bump in the night and objects that mysteriously move.

Celebrating 25 years of scientific research into the paranormal, Mr Taylor is as enthusiastic as ever to investigate the unexplainable.

Ninety per cent of Parasearch’s ghostbusting inquiries turn out to have practical explanations - but it is the 10 per cent that remain unexplained that continue to fascinate.

Mr Taylor, a graphic designer from Halesowen, said: “As yet it is something that’s not fully understood by science - a natural phenomena.

“I believe people see ghosts and yes I believe in them. but it’s how you interpret them.

“People think of apparitions as headless horsemen and such like, but they can be very real looking.”

The 42-year-old founded Parasearch when he was just 17 and has 30 members ghostbusting across the Black Country and the West Midlands armed with an array of gadgets including infra red cameras, electro and geo magnetic detectors.

The organisation has hit the headlines a few times - including in 2008 when it investigated claims that late-night drivers on a quiet stretch of Oldnall Road, between Cradley and Wollescote, were being forced to swerve to avoid a ghostly figure of a young girl that appeared in the road and which was blamed for several accidents.

“It’s intriguing work and I get to meet a huge range of people, from the average person in the street to university academics and professors,” he said.

Paranormal sightings can be reported to Mr Taylor by calling him on 07505323443 and for more information visit