A THRIVING social enterprise scene is taking shape in Dudley town centre thanks to the hard-work of volunteers.

A new social enterprise shop has opened on Trindle Road, and the team behind it have big plans for the future.

Dave's Cave 2 recently opened, following on from the original Dave's Cave on Wolverhampton Street.

The shop sells literally everything, according to founder David Pils.

As a social enterprise, staff are not paid so more money goes to good causes.

David, who lives in Cannock, dismissed claims that Dudley town centre has too many charity shops and praised the town's low rents for making his social enterprise dreams a reality.

He was joined by Dudley town ambassador Mohammed Sagir, who joined David to hand over a £250 donation to Save the Children, one of a number of charities and good causes the shop works to support.

Mr Sagir said: "I am promoting more businesses in Dudley, I have had a business here for 20 years. I want to keep the town going and for it not to be a ghost town.”

The shop will also soon see the launch of another social enterprise project in its building, called Makerspace.

The initiative, led by John Parman, will see a space opened up with tools and materials for the people of Dudley to learn and enjoy arts and crafts and develop technical skills.

John explained: "It's like a gym, but instead of fitness classes, it's a place for arts and crafts."

The space will offer a host of classes for skills such as 3D printing, laser cutting, wood work and jewellery making.

John says the project aims to provide the people of Dudley with technical skills to enrich their hobbies and also their employment opportunities.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteer and donations of tools and equipment, Makerspace looks set to open in the next few weeks.

Anyone who has tools they would like to donate to Makerspace can contact the team via the Dudley Makerspace Facebook page.