A 5G mast in Halesowen has been approved - despite highways officers saying it obstructs a nearby bus stop which is used by scores of schoolchildren - as well as complaints from residents and a councillor.

The 65-ft mast and four equipment cabinets will be installed on Halesowen Road, at the site of an existing mast near a bus stop which is used by Leasowes High pupils, after Dudley Council planners gave the scheme the thumbs up.

Dudley Council's own highways officers said the application, from EE and H3G, should be refused stating that it would "create a further significant obstruction to pedestrians within the ‘showcase’ bus stop area.

They went on: "The new cabinet would be impossible to avoid at peak travel times when buses collect over a hundred children from the nearby High School.

"It is considered essential that any new equipment must be located outside the bus stop footprint, clearly defined with contrast paving, to protect the partially sighted and prevent other pedestrians from having to walk within in the layby carriageway area."

Dudley News:

Objections were also submitted from five residents of Halesowen Road as well as councillor Alan Taylor with complaints stating it would be an "eyesore," raising concerns over health and existing equipment cabinets from the mobile phone mast already at the site "emitting a buzzing noise"

Cllr Taylor stated in his objection: "It is planned to be put near to a 4G mast that is already erected.

"The residents already get noise disturbance from the fans in the 4G box, especially at night and are dreading more problems with another mast.

"We therefore object to the positioning of this mast and request that it is positioned further along the road outside the shops or the Stag public house."

Cacoullis Opticians also objected stating that many traders were not aware of the proposal due to Covid-19 and that the site was near a bus stop used by children.

Cllr Taylor said he was "disappointed" the application had been approved.

He said: "It would have been better if it was moved closer to The Stag pub, (pictured below) away from homes and the bus stop.

"I know we have to have these masts but they shouldn't be an inconvenience to residents."

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