THOMAS Dudley Ltd has merged both of its West Midlands foundries into one seamlessly integrated new business.

Named Thomas Dudley Foundry Ltd, the new business encompasses the companies existing facilities in and around Dudley.

The move supports the company's commitment to providing customers with world-class engineering solutions and a manufacturing platform that is unique in the UK.

Mick Cramphorn, foundry director, said: “We celebrate two new milestones as we formally join the Duport foundry and Thomas Dudley castings foundry together.

"The integration can provide a complete solution to produce the most complex cast iron components up to 120KG in weight.

"We now have unrivalled expertise in design and development, combining a team of engineering specialists who hold a vast amount of experience across a broad range of industry sectors.”

Following the merger, all processes are now aligned to streamline casting processing and further enhance quality, offering a reliable and extremely cost-effective source of supply, for any given requirement.