Property Manager Nina Dolan explains why it could be worth employing a professional to help manage your properties.

Not everyone sets out to be a landlord, and you don’t need to be a fully time professional property investor to find yourself having to look after a number of properties.

Some people find they have inherited a property through the passing of a relative or close friend and decide to keep it on and rent it out.

Others, encouraged by the popularity of TV programmes such as “Homes under the Hammer”, have ventured into buying properties to refurbish – the “buy to let” phenomenon has grown considerably in the past decade.

While Stock Markets seem to soar and plunge on a whim, many like the solid feel of bricks and mortar and the evidence is that over time property has invariably proven a good investment.

But once you are past owning one or two properties you are becoming a landlord and that comes with many legal responsibilities.

Before you can even consider interviewing potential tenants, you must ensure that all legal safety requirements are met.

To name but a few – electrical inspection (EICR), energy performance certificate (EPC), landlord gas safety inspection, Legionella risk assessment and ensuring that the correct number of carbon monoxide and smoke/heat detectors are in place.

Whether you are an inexperienced first time landlord or an experienced landlord who has not got time during the working day to deal with tenants calls concerning maintenance issues, it makes sense to consider using a property management expert to take care of all the hassle of property ownership for profit.

It is not just the regulatory requirements but also being available to take calls from tenants when a boiler breaks down or a washing machine packs up.

A professional property manager such as John Truslove in Redditch will ensure that periodic inspections and regular checks are made and a programme of regular maintenance can be agreed and put in place to save time and expense in the long term.

Vetting tenants is another time consuming issue. Everyone wants a tenant who pays the rent on time, but do you have time to carry out credit checks and take up references on every single applicant?

Better screening of applicants in the first place avoids long costly empty voids and helps to ensure that rent is paid on time.

And what rental should you be charging? When was the last time you raised the rent, having in mind market conditions?

An experienced property manager can advise on the going rate for your property, with due regard to its location, number of rooms, amenities and its condition.

They will also advise on the need for a robust tenancy agreement to avoid disputes. An agreement that makes clear the responsibilities and liabilities of both parties.

In the long run, professional property management can enhance the value of your property through ensuring the right rent is being charged, that suitable tenants are selected, providing quicker occupancy rates and that maintenance and meeting statutory obligations are being met.

Or you can take care of all of the above yourself!

By now the services of a professional property manager are beginning to look good value and we would be happy to discuss your needs with you at any time.

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