DO you have room for one more person this Christmas?

There are adult international students at UK universities who will be spending Christmas alone. They would love to discover what Christmas is like in a British home.

Having a visitor from another part of the world will add interest to your festivities, possibly help to keep the peace when the family comes together, or if you are alone too, may give you a reason to 'do Christmas properly'.

Invitations are arranged through HOST, a well-established charity, whose local organisers aim to make a good match between student guests and volunteer hosts.

If you live near a university, your visitor may come just for the day. Many students are happy to travel to spend two or three days with their hosts.

Please see or call HOST on 020 7739 6292 to be put in touch with your area organiser.

If you are not available at Christmas, but would like to welcome an international student to your home, HOST arranges visits throughout the year.