A DOCTOR has denied thrusting his groin area into the bodies of women patients during consultations at his Gornal surgery.

Amirul Haque is charged with carrying out sex attacks on five patients in just ten days but he has stressed everything he did was appropriate for their medical treatment.

The 33-year-old told a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court he had examined the women for a variety of problems including an eye infection, lower back pain and swollen ankles.

"I have never deliberately rubbed myself against a patient," maintained the doctor who was on a placement at the surgery after five years at medical school.

He said he had carried out an abdominal examination on the one woman and he did ask her to lift her top and lower her trousers but he added: "There were no medical reasons for me to examine anything else."

A second went to see him with a throat problem and he went on: "I did not deliberately thrust myself against her body. I was her doctor. I was responsible for her health."

The doctor said he examined the third patient for back pain and found tenderness when he examined her body.

"I did not push or pull her back into my body," he told the five-man seven-woman jury.

"I did ask her to lift her bra and she did so," he added. "I did it so I could listen to her heart and chest. It was a normal examination."

He said he did not take her arm and push it against his groin area and he stressed he had not put his hand down her trousers.

Another woman went to see him about an eye problem and he said he carried out an observational examination after he decided to look at her body for rashes.

He said: "I did not deliberately lean against her with my groin. There was no contact between us."

The prosecution has alleged the doctor carried out the attacks for sexual gratification but in a prepared statement after his arrest he said: "Any touching of the patients would be for medical examination - not sexual gratification."

The doctor, who lives in Ladypool Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, has pleaded not guilty to five charges of sexual assault and his trial in front of judge Amjad Nawaz continues.