PARENTS everywhere may have witnessed a rare sight this evening - teenagers in your living room.

The reason for this unusual phenomena? Xbox went down.

Around 6pm, Xbox Support reported on Twitter: "We are aware of reports of Xbox One console startup, title update and sign-in errors. We will keep everyone informed once we have more information to share. Thank you all for your patience."

At 7pm, they updated users writing: "Our teams have identified the cause for our earlier issues and are continuing to address these now. Thank you for your patience, we'll update again when we know of any other changes."

Shortly before 9pm, the company said it had got to the bottom of the issue.

"The issues surrounding Xbox One console startup, sign-in, title update errors, and our status page have now been resolved," they wrote. "Thank you for sticking with us while our teams addressed these issues and we appreciate the reports. As always, we're here and we're listening."

And relax - it appears the equilibrium has been restored.