Despite a week-long heatwave last month, summer has been a bit of a mixed bag this year.

With heavy rain and cooler temperatures at the start of July and Storm Evert currently causing chaos in many parts of the country, Brits will have to get used to extreme conditions for at least the rest of this week.

However despite the bad weather, many in the UK still hold out hope for a second heatwave with the Met Office hopeful that the middle part of the month to the back end of the month will be much warmer than the torrential downpours and stormy conditions many have become accustomed to.

And what better way to celebrate warmer weather than with a long Bank Holiday Weekend.

The government sanctioned eight bank holidays this year with the next one at the end of this month.

Bank Holidays often mark national holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Easter.

However, some relate to the seasons with two in the spring and on in the summer, at the end of August.

The next bank holiday is just a matter of weeks away, August 30.

It is one of just three remaining bank holidays this year with a long wait until we can once again enjoy a long weekend.

They will be Christmas Day and Boxing Day with both occasions falling on a weekend which means the Bank Holiday’s will be substituted for December 27 and 28.