It’s easy as riding a bike they say…

But where do you start when you’re not yet two years old and you’ve never had your own set of wheels before?

For those of us who remember learning to ride a bike involving plenty of falls, scrapped knees and a few crashes into fences - things in the bike world have changed a lot since then.

The thing we all struggled with at the start was balance but now there’s a solution for parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers keen to get going on two wheels.

Choosing a balance bike first helps youngsters learn the two most difficult bits – balance while sitting and moving.

Once they have cracked that you can introduce a trike to get them used to pedalling and then the theory is the transition to a bike without stabilisers should be a much easier and bruise-free experience for parent and child.

My little boy couldn’t wait to get started on his Hornit AIRO balance bike and fortunately for us it was delivered fully assembled so there was no faffing about with nuts and bolts before he could climb onboard.

Hornit claims this bike is lighter than all 23 comparable competitors with a weight of 2.95kg to reduce injuries if a child falls off.

While I haven’t had experience of other bikes to tell you whether it was noticeably lighter, it felt like no weight at all carrying it to and from the park each day.

And what it lacked in terms of kilos, it made up for in robustness and style.

The footrests contoured into the frame are a great addition for the times when my little boy just wanted to sit and be pushed and eventually for when he’s ready to glide along with his feet completely off the ground.

The bike has an adjustable seat making it suitable for ages 18 months to five years so your little one can grow up with their balance bike and you know it will last with their lifetime warranty.

But one of the best things about it is it looks so good.

The sleek frame and brilliant ‘Mavericks Blue’ colour make it the kind of bike you wish you had as a kid and I was stopped by plenty of parents asking where we had got it.

It’s been a joy watching my little boy use it and growing in confidence every time he grabs his helmet and hops onboard.

And let’s face it, nobody ever forgets their first bike so you really need to make sure it’s a good one.

The Hornit Airo is available in a range of colours and costs £139 from