Channel 4 viewers were left shocked yesterday evening (July 24) as they tuned into a new documentary hosted by Gregg Wallace.

The British Miracle Meat was promoted as a 'not to be missed' documentary on the new lab-grown affordable meat. 

However, viewers were left feeling sick as they left the real premises of the Channel 4 documentary. 

As the meat in the show was in fact not a combination of chemicals but instead 'human meat'. 

Showing the MasterChef host explores the world of 'human meat harvesting' as he visited a 'plant' in Lincolnshire, keeping his normal upbeat and excited attitude. 

Gregg Wallace shocks Channel 4 viewers with shocking documentary

Promising to show meat substitutes and to help viewers learn of the creation, many expected to switch to a vegan or vegetarian-friendly show. 

Gregg met people selling body parts for money and even tasted meat cooked by chef Michel Roux Jr.

But one scene become all too much for many viewers as children's meat was described as 'premium meat'. 

Although the documentary was promoted as fact, many viewers were quick to realise the Channel 4 show was actually a spoof. 

As the show was created to bring awareness to the cost-of-living crisis and the length people would go to keep their families out of poverty.

Taking to Instagram to discuss the 'The British Miracle Meat' Gregg thanked viewers, writing: "Thank you for watching. I really enjoyed my first-ever acting job!"

Viewers left feeling sick of Gregg Wallace's new documentary

Although many viewers caught on to the spoof, some were left shocked and even feeling sick as they were convinced by Gregg's acting.

As Twitter went wild with comments and judgment over the show, one viewer wrote: "This greg wallace meat show is actually making me feel ill, i thought y'all were being dramatic."

Others questioned what they watched, with one Twitter user writing: "Has anyone else just watched that program on channel 4 with Greg Wallace and Michel Roux Jr about harvesting human meat??

"What the actual ***k have we just watched?? Surely it was satire, especially with the children? What is happening in this mad world now?"

One even compared to the popular drama show Black Mirror, sharing: "Greg Wallace's 'The British Miracle Meat' on Channel 4 is like an episode of Black Mirror. Harvested human it April first?"