A WORCESTER man who assaulted a police officer in the early hours of New Year's Day has been fined.

Robert James, of Primrose House, Whinfield Gardens, admitted assault and using threatening and abusive words and disorderly behaviour, when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Leslie Ashton, prosecuting, said police officers were called to an altercation in Copenhagen Street near Keystones.

Mrs Ashton said the 28-year-old was told to leave, but he took exception to the number of police officers near his wife.

She said police were simply trying to establish what had happened, but James became threatening, abusive and started swearing.

Mrs Ashton said PC Redmond asked James to calm down and he was warned if he didn't he would be arrested, to which James responded with an expletive.

She said James then pushed the officer, causing the officer to stumble.

Mrs Ashton said: "He was taken to the ground and handcuffed."

She added he continued to swear at officers after arrest.

Defending Charles Hobbs said: "It was no more than a shove. That is all he did, nothing more.

"He was pepper sprayed - he was the worst that came out of it."

Mr Hobbs said James was paying a heavy price for a simple push, when no was injured.

Mr Hobbs added he had no previous convictions dating back to 2009, so this was an incident out of character, born out of a frustration and intoxication.

Magistrates fined James £120 for the assault and £80 for his disorderly behaviour.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £135 and a victim surcharge of £30 - a total of £365.

James agreed to pay the amount £10 per week, with the first payment within 14 days.

After magistrates handed him the sentence, James asked them what he had been convicted of, and he said he was going straight to see his employer as he would lose his job.