DRIVERS are being warned to be aware after a car was "shot at" and damaged in Stourport.

The car was passing Hartlebury Common just before Cook's Garden Centre at around 10pm on Saturday night (May 18) when the driver heard a loud bang.

A message shared on the Stourport Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page reads: "We heard a very loud bang on the side of the car enough to shock us both.

"We knew we hadn’t hit anything and there was nothing on the road so we didn’t stop.

"This morning we looked at the car and the front passenger door is damaged.

"Looks like a large object had been thrown at the car or maybe even something was shot at the car. Just wanted to warn people.

"Had we have stopped who knows what might have happened."

Stourport Neighbourhood Watch said police have received several reports of similar incidents in the last week - reportedly involving a shotgun.

Anyone with information on the incident on Saturday night should call West Mercia Police on 101, quoting incident number 0415s.