RESIDENTS in Kidderminster are calling on the council to resurface patches of 'crazy paving' along their street - before it causes another fall.

Pensioner Peter Wade, aged 63, has complained to the council and MP Mark Garnier about areas of jagged, uneven pavement outside bungalows in Hoo Road, after seeing people trip on the slabs.

The paving was apparently put down after several large trees were removed from the street years ago.

Peter said: "This crazy paving is seriously dangerous. It's only a matter of time until someone breaks something.

"I've seen an old lady and a couple of kids trip and fall - the patch outside our house is right next to a bus stop so you often see old people struggling across it, getting the wheels on their trolleys stuck in the cracks.

Peter says the patches are around eight metres wide, with gaps between the slabs up to three inches deep.

"I'd be quite happy if the council just lifted it up and tarmacked over it. Not only is it dangerous to walk over but it looks awful.

"The weeds grow through the cracks to about three feet high.

"Me and my wife go out every couple of weeks and it's back-breaking pulling it all out. It's impossible to keep on top of it at this time of year."

Worcestershire County Council said Hoo Road will be inspected following resident concerns.