HORDES of onlookers watch the brave and foolhardy take the plunge from Hereford's Victoria Bridge in the 1950s.

But jumping from the railings wasn’t enough for some. Standing on the shoulders of friends before throwing themselves into the river below added another thrill – or danger, depending on your point of view.

As the crowds gathered at nearby Hereford Beach, this would have been quite a spectacle.

As usual, freelance photographer Derek Evans, always on the hunt for a picture he could sell, was on hand to capture the moment for ever, and many a Herefordian will have taken the very same plunge seen here over recent decades.

There is no doubt Evans had a canny eye for a picture story. According to former apprentice Graham Essenhigh, he was the best caption writer too.

His skill at pitching stories to newspaper editors on the strength of a caption was legendary.

A glimpse through his cuttings file at Herefordshire Archive and Record Centre (HARC) illustrates this time and again.

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